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Eminente Reserva 7 years

Article: SCOMA-906201
Caribbean Rum
Eminente is a new Caribbean rum from the center of the island. It is called "Isla del Cocodrilo" by the locals. The outline of the island resembles the shape of a crocodile. Eminent Reserva was composed by César Marti, the youngest Maestro Ronero (Rum Master). A strong and full-bodied rum, inspired by the sugar cane distillates, the eaux de vie of the 19th century, with all their complexity.
Tasting Note:

Intense and delicate. The initial aroma of freshly roasted coffee is followed by mild notes of dulce de leche, roasted almonds and cocoa.

Full-bodied and strong with vanilla, smoke, coffee and Raspadura raw cane sugar. Then spicy notes of ginger, Sichuan pepper and some plum in the background.

Fresh and creamy with notes of chocolate and a hint of smoke. In the empty glass, Eminent Reserva leaves more smoky aromas, a smell of molasses with a little almond and pear.
Bottling:   Original bottling
Age:   7 Years
Type of Cask:   Ex-Whiskey Barrels
EAN:   3770015612013
Category:   Karibik
Producer address:
Rum Enterprise, Paris, France
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Price/Liter: € 69.86*

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