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Espero Coffee & Rum

Article: SCOMA-904042
Liqueur Creole
It all starts with the finest Nicaraguan Coffee Beans from the Matagalpa area that are locally roasted to exquisite perfection. The premium coffee beans are then hand ground with exotic Vanilla Beans from Dominican Republic and then slowly cold-brewed to extract the smooth intense coffee flavor and natural sweetness while leaving out the bitterness that heat brewing can impart.
The delicious cold-brewed coffee and 7 years old Dominican Rum in every small batch of our Handcrafted Espero Coffee Liqueur is so naturally sweet that we only need to add a touch of Pure Cane Sugar. As a result our excellent Coffee Liqueur based on aged rum. Taste is more robust natural coffee flavor and the perfect hint of Vanilla sweetness and the old rum.
Bottling:   Original bottling
EAN:   0742832146623
Category:   Dominikanische Republik
Producer address:
Haromex Development GmbH, Himmelsmoor 25G, 22397 Hamburg, Germany
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Price/Liter: € 32.71*

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