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Langatun Old Deer

Article: SCOMA-701501
Langatun Classics Serie - Classic Whisky
Langatun Whisky "Old Deer" is produced from 100% pure barley malt. Thanks to the careful selection of high-quality yeast and the best European barley, a rich blend of vegetal and fruity aromas can be detected already in the first days of fermentation. These exceptionally sweet accents can also be found in the finished product.
The time-consuming and meticulous double distillation process gives Old Deer its incomparably soft, delicate and malty character. In addition, maturation in sherry and chardonnay casks gives this fantastic whisky its outstanding complexity and elegant aftertaste.
Tasting Note:

Floral barley with hints of sweet red berries.

Complex with fresh fruit and sultanas, vanilla and a hint of oak.

Long lasting and velvety smooth.
Bottling:   Original bottling
Type of Cask:   Sherry & Chardonnay Cask
EAN:   7640149332186
Category:   Switzerland
Producer address:
Langatun Distillery AG, c/o IWS, 25497 Prisdorf, Germany
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Price/Liter: € 85.80*

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