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Whisky Advent Calendar International - Edition 2022

Article: SCOMA-333392
High-quality whisky advent calendar from Vita Dulcis
The Whisky Advent Calendar Classic contains 24 single malt whiskys, each 20ml from Scotland. 24 different distilleries to discover and enjoy.
The Whisky Advent Calendar International contains 24 whiskys with 20 ml each - Single Malts, Rye Whiskeys, Blended Whiskey and more.
It also includes a 56-page tasting brochure with interesting details about each distillery included and space for the daily tasting note, as well as a world map showing all the distilleries included in the calendar.

Included whiskeys in alphabetical order:
Three Ships 12 Years 46.30% vol.(South Africa)
Amazing Rye 48% vol. (Denmark)
Thomson South Island Peat 46% vol. (New Zealand)
Säntis Trinity 52% vol. (Switzerland)
M+H Elements Sherry Cask 46% vol. (Israel)
Gold Cock peated 49.20% vol. (Czech Republic)
Aikan Intense Rhum Barrels 40% vol. (Martinique)
Armorik Classic 46% vol. (France)
Millstone American Oak 43% vol. (Netherlands)
Balcones Texas Bourbon 46% vol. (US)
Paul John Nirvana 40% ABV (India)
Teerenpeli Portti - Port Wine Finish 43% vol. (Finland)
Finch Peated 46% vol. (Germany)
Kavalan Distillery Select No. 2, 40% vol. (Taiwan)
Cotswolds Signature Single Malt 46% vol.(England)
Puni brine 46% vol. (Italy)
Roe & Co Cask Strength 62.30% vol. (Ireland)
Tenjaku Pure Malt 43% vol. (Japan)
Floki Batch 51, 47% vol. (Iceland)
Hwayo X. Premium 41% vol. (South Korea)
Lot 40, 43% vol. (Canada)
Penderyn Legend 41% ABV (Wales)
Haran Traditional 12 years 40% vol. (Spain)
Lagavulin 12 Years Special Release 2022, 57.3% vol. (Scotland)

Additional notes:
Included products may contain dye. Exact allergen information can be found on the product.

Bottling:   Owner bottling
Category:   Adventskalender
Producer address:
Vita Dulcis GmbH, Hauptstr. 12, 84576 Teising, Germany
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