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Lindores Abbey New Make

Article: SCOMA-241704
Spirit Drink
Lindores Abbey increased the fermentations to 114 hours to bring out that added tropical fruitiness. They stopped the wash still at first sign of frothing, let it rest and then slowly brought the heat back into the still.
They ran the spirit during the cut on the spirit stills very, very slowly, and they also cut in high at 75-76% and came down to 66%. Interestingly at around 68-69% on the cut, the spirit has an amazing caramel and butterscotch nose with others picking up peaches and strawberries.
Tasting Note:

A complex array of aromas, Cherries, pear drops, apple pie and banana.
Finsh: A creamy mouthfeel and a malt biscuit aftertaste.
Bottling:   Original bottling
EAN:   5060638170068
Category:   Whisky based Spirit
Producer address:
Lindores Abbey Distillery, Abbey Rd, KY14 6HH, Newburgh, United Kingdom,
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Information about the distillery Lindores Abbey

Production situation:   in Betrieb
Land:   Schottland
Region:   Lowlands
articaulation:   Linn-dors ábee
Bedeutung:   Klostername
Eigentümer:   The Lindores Distilling Co.Ltd.
Location:   Halbinsel Fife
Address:   Abbey Road, Newburgh,Fife KY14 6HH
Phone:   0044-1337-842 547
Visitor Center:   ja
Style:   leicht torfiger Lowland
Malt:   liefert Muntons Plc.
Water:   eigener Brunnen
Mash tubs:   2,0 Tonnen Inhalt, Edelstahl
fermentation tanks:   4 x 13.000 Liter, Douglas-Fichte
Stills (Brennblasen):   1 wash still mit 10.000 Liter ; 2 spirit stills mit 3,500 Liter
Befeuerung der stills:   Dampf
distillery capacity:   260.000 Liter
Usage in these blends:   nur als Single Malt geplant

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