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Albert Michler Austrian Empire Navy Rum 18 years

Article: SCOMA-902102
This Solera 18 Rum is fragrant with a lush bouquet, where fruit, oak and long aging complement each other perfectly. It comes in an imposing mahogany color with dark red hues. Austrian Empire Navy Rum - Solera 18 offers a contemporary Rum style with a distinctive and vigorous character, having aged slowly for 18 years in the Solera method in the Dominican Republic. A strictly Limited Edition. Each bottle comes with a unique serial number.
Tasting Note:

Aromas perfectly balanced between woods and matured distillates.

Bitter notes of fruits, herbs, chocolate,, dry fruits, caramel and aged woods.

It is round and consistent.
Bottling:   Original bottling
Age:   18 Years
Type of Cask:   Oak Cask
Cask no.:   8/1
Number of bottles:   1000
EAN:   0742832644648
Category:   Barbados
Producer address:
Albert Michler Distillery Int. LTD, 44 Upper Belgrave Road, Bristol, BS8 2XN, United Kingdom
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Price/Liter: € 49.86*

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