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Appleton Estate Signature

Article: SCOMA-900223
>b>Jamaika Rum
Rum has a long tradition in Jamaica. Appleton Estate Rum was there from the start. Founded in 1749, it operates the oldest distillery on the island in the middle of the Nassau Valley, known as the "Sugar Belt". The Appleton Estate includes sugar cane plantations as well as its own spring and associated yeast breeding. With the best ingredients right on the doorstep and in our own production, rum is traditionally produced here using the elaborate pot still process. Thanks to these perfect conditions, Appleton Estate rums are characterized by a strong taste and full-bodied, aromatic body. A special feature of all rums from Jamaica is that, according to the Jamaican standard, they have fully matured in the barrel for at least the number of years as indicated on the product.

The Appleton Estate Signature is a full-bodied, medium-sweet rum. It is an excellent blend of 15 matured golden rums with a warm honey color, a lush, fruity aroma and intense taste. Everyone likes it, and its enjoyment makes a normal day very special.
Tasting Note:

Fruity with molasses.

Dried apricot, fresh peach, and a subtle hint of molasses.

Smooth with fruity notes.
Bottling:   Original bottling
EAN:   5024576189100
Category:   Single Estate Rum
Producer address:
J. Wray and Nephew Ltd., 234 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica, W.I.
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