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Sea Shepherd Rum

Article: SCOMA-949101
A Fine Bland of Caribbean Rum
Hardly any spirit is as at home at sea as rum. In cooperation with Sea Shepherd, a rum was created in the intoxication of the seas. Firmly rooted in seafaring history, the tasty drop from the rum nations of Barbados and Jamaica arrives in this country. With its vanilla, coconut and fruit notes, it transports you to tropical beaches - and to environments that need to be protected.
The rum has a clear mission: to support Sea Shepherd's fight against whalers, poachers and polluters. Known for taking action, Sea Shepherd sets sail from ports around the world when marine animals and their habitats are in need. Because real environmental pirates know: On the high seas, far away from international authorities, protective laws fade. It is therefore, as Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson once said, "It takes a pirate to stop a pirate."

Base: Molasses
Tasting Note:

Typical Barbadian aromas, candied fruit, light woody spice and some molasses.

Very mild and soft with a finely tart sweetness of dark chocolate. Vanilla and coconut give way to tropical fruit notes with hints of wild berries. There are also fine notes of wood.

Long-lasting with vanilla, spicy wood and a subtle note of coconut.
Bottling:   Original bottling
EAN:   4251956100146
Category:   Blended Rum
Producer address:
Kirsch Import e.K. - Christoph Kirsch, Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr, Germany
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