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Cambus 31 years 1988/2020 Single Grain Whisky/Raw Cask

Article: SCOMA-211511
Celebrating 25 years of Blackadder

Important note about raw cask bottlings:
Raw Cask bottlings take place without any treatment of whiskey during transfer from the barrel to the bottle. Neither cold filtration nor coarse filtration is carried out to separate the wood flakes or the fine carbon particles from the flaming of the barrel before storing a whisky. Barrel residues and wood shavings migrate into the bottle and guarantee the consumer a completely untreated whisky - just from the wood - a term that is otherwise only used for the alcohol content!
Of course, wood flakes and pieces of coal should not be drunk. When the bottle is stored upright, the wood flakes and pieces of coal typical of raw cask bottling settle on the bottom of the bottle and the protruding whiskey can be transferred to the drinking glass by careful decanting without the precipitation.

Bottling:   Blackadder Raw Cask
Distillation date:   21.09.1988
Bottling date:   07.2020
Age:   31 Years
Cask no.:   59251
Number of bottles:   232
EAN:   5055030619864
Category:   Blackadder
Producer address:
Blackadder International Ltd. , Chapel Lane, Westfield , East Sussex, TN35 4QX, United Kingdom
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Price/Liter: € 284.15*

Information about the distillery Cambus

Production situation:   außer Betrieb
Land:   Schottland
Region:   Grain
Eigentümer:   Diageo
Location:   zwischen Stirling und Alloa
Address:   Staion Road, Cambus, Clackmannshire FK10
Stills (Brennblasen):   2 Coffey stills
distillery capacity:   4 Mill. Liter Alkohol

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