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Puff Adder by Blackadder

Article: SCOMA-407001
Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey
Puff Adder is a tempting vatting of single malt whiskeys. The malts are carefully selected and mixed. The resulting blend is then minimally filtered and bottled without the addition of color in order not to lose the oils and esters that Blackadder values so much.

The puff adder is a poisonous blow from the viper family and reaches a length between 80 and 180 cm. It is at home in Africa and is responsible for most of the poison bites there.
Tasting Note:

Hint of iodine and smoke with vanilla.

A hint of smoke and buttery, sweet vanilla. Cold ash and a slight note of salt come out from behind.

Medium length with a hint of smoke.
Bottling:   Blackadder
Bottling date:   01.2019
EAN:   5055030618089
Category:   Blended Malt
Producer address:
Blackadder International Ltd. , Chapel Lane, Westfield , East Sussex, TN35 4QX, United Kingdom
Blended Malt Whisky
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