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Akashi Meisei

Article: SCOMA-700165
Japanese Blended Whisky
In addition to the big, well-known producers of whiskey in Japan, the world of small Japanese distilleries in Europe is still almost untouched. The WHITE OAK DISTILLERY is a perfect example of one of those rising suns in the sky of Japan. The license of this distillery dates back to 1919. This made WHITE OAK the first distillery in Japan to distil whiskey. However, a name was made especially as a producer of Shochu and sake. The modern era of whiskey began in 1984 when the current WHITE OAK DISTILLERIE was built near the Kobe harbor. The whiskeys from this distillery were mainly used for the Akashi blended whiskey, which is why older Akashi single malt is still a coveted rarity. The storage takes place in American oak barrels.
Tasting Note:

Rich with notes of vanilla and oak.

Creamy with hints of spices and oak.

Long-lasting with beautiful woody notes.
Bottling:   Original bottling
Type of Cask:   Oak Cask
EAN:   4969265728189
Category:   Japan
Producer address:
The Eigashima Distillery, 19 Nishijima, Ookubo-cho, Akashi-shi, 674-0065, Japan
Japanese Whisky
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Information about the distillery White Oak

Production situation:   in Betrieb
Land:   Japan
Region:   Präfektur Hyogo
articaulation:   Eigaschima
Eigentümer:   Eigashima Shuzo Co.Ltd.
Location:   Hauptinsel Honshu, in der Stadt Akashi-shi, in der Nähe von Kobe
Address:   Nishijima 919, Ohkubo, Akashi-shi, 674-0065
Phone:   0081-78-946 1001
Visitor Center:   ja
Style:   süßlich, würzig, weich und leicht – einige Sorten auch getorft
Malt:   Import von Scotgrain, Inverness (GB)
Water:   eigene Brunnen
Mash tubs:   1 x 6.000 Liter, Edelstahl
fermentation tanks:   4 x 10.000 Liter, Edelstahl
Stills (Brennblasen):   1 wash still mit 5.000 Liter, 1 spirit still mit 2.500 Liter
Befeuerung der stills:   Dampfbeheizung
distillery capacity:   60.000 Liter Alkohol
Usage in these blends:   White Oak Blends

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